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1.  Prepare your paper for submission
Please see our author checklist to review our originality and other requirements.

2. Pay the submission fee / Become a member of the EFA

There are two options for submitting an article to the Financial Review.

OPTION 1:   Standard review. An article submitted as a standard submission will go through the normal journal review process.

Submission fees for standard review are $125 for EFA members and $200 for non-members.

Submission fees are NOT required for resubmissions following a “Revise and Resubmit” decision.

Submission fees are required for resubmissions following a “Reject and Resubmit” decision.

If you are not a current year EFA member, please join the EFA before paying the submission fee and proceeding to the online submission process (it is a little more cost-effective).

You can join the EFA prior to paying your submission fee (currently $33 in the US, €33 for Euro Zone countries, and £23 for UK and the rest of the world) by clicking here. You will be directed to a site where you can join the EFA.

OPTION 2: Accelerated review. An article submitted for accelerated review will receive an “outright/conditionally accept” or “reject outright” decision, usually within two months of submission.   Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to revise their work according to reviewers comments, but this revision is optional.  Rejected papers will no longer be considered for publication at the Financial Review.  Revise and resubmits will be given only in exceptional instances under the accelerated review path.

The accelerated review path is intended for papers that are very polished and should be used only for papers that are of publication-ready quality.

Submission fees for accelerated review are $350.

Pay your submission fee here:  

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3. Submit your paper electronically via ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Click here to submit your paper via ScholarOne

Please ensure that you enter all coauthor names when you submit your paper.

Note that if we do not receive your submission fee within seven days after the manuscript is submitted, it will be desk rejected.

4. For papers that are accepted for publication.

Please follow the guidelines in The Financial Review Detailed Format and Style Guidelines and format your final submission.

The final submission should include the following:

  1. Editable version of the paper with title page attached (word, rtf, LaTeX).  Make sure author details are correct.
  2. Spreadsheets or graphics files for any inserted figures.
  3. Copyright authorization.

5. Copy Editing

The contact details for the copy editors are as follows, you can use any editor.  They will let you know the cost.

Joyce Li,

Beryl Pittman,

Kathy Mikell,

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