Accelerated Reviews at The Financial Review

Starting March 2016, The Financial Review is offering an optional “accelerated review” track for paper submissions in addition to the existing standard review track. This accelerated track is intended for well developed papers that are of publication-ready quality.

Authors can choose to submit their paper to either the existing standard review track or the accelerated review track, but not both.  At the time of the submission to the accelerated review track, the author will have the option to disclose the submission history of the paper in the cover letter, in addition to other information such as the conferences and invited seminars where the paper has been presented.

Under the accelerated review track, the paper will be sent to a reviewer. The Editor will in most cases decide to either accept/conditionally accept the paper or reject it, and will share the review with the author.  If the paper is accepted, the author is not obligated to make any changes to the paper, and can elect to have the paper published as originally submitted (a ‘no revisions’ policy). However, the author can choose to make some or all of the suggested changes, with a view to improving their paper.

The editors will make every effort to provide a quick turnaround, usually within two months.

If the decision is a reject, then the author cannot submit the same paper again to The Financial Review.